On this site you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you need other informations, please feel free and send us an message.

Q: Which materials can be processed? 
A: With our worldwide revolutionary, new and unique technology, we are able to finish any organic and inorganic material with our precious metals. The possibilities are almost unlimited. We have the right solution for your wishes!

Q: Which size should the object to be finished have?
A: Whether you would like to have a gold-plated piece of jewellery made from a pinhead, gild the facade of your villa or layer the bow of your luxury yacht with platinum fiberglass – we make it possible!

Q: How long does it take?
A: This is completely different depending on the object and will be agreed upon individually with the customer. A real scorpion designed as pendant, plated with 24-carat gold and studded with rubies takes about 8 weeks. A gold-plated (24 carat) mink coat takes about 9 months.

Q: GoldFur: Is plated fur still smooth?
A: The gold is integrated into the fur hair so the fur’s haptics are not affected. It stays as smooth as it was before the finishing. Hair extensions also stay smooth and flexible.

Q: How expensive is finishing?
A: Since we only produce unique pieces on behalf of our customers, we can not answer this question in general. Each object is different and unique. Allow us to make an offer for your personal piece.

Q: GoldFur: I am a furrier – how can I become a partner of NOBLINE. Can I produce my own gold fur products?
A: We work together with very good furriers worldwide. Yes, you can produce and sell your own fur creations in gold fur.

Q: GoldBear: Can I have my own custom-made toy in gold fur?
A: Yes, we produce your desired plush toy according to your wishes.

Q: GoldSugar: Can I also order other varieties in other packages?
A: If you want to order GoldSugar for resale and would like to engrave your own logo, this is also possible. Please ask us directly.