Who we are

The luxury brand NOBLINE is established worldwide as a high premium service provider in the field of surface finishing.

Our innovative and novel process was already successfully tested in 2003 by the creator and founder of the luxury brand NOBLINE, Mr. Gerd Mattheiss, first applied in various laboratories and then successfully tested in long-term studies. Our team of experts always inspire new and exceptional product ideas on a daily basis, to optimize our special procedure for design-oriented, exclusive applications.

After ten years of research, development and product optimization – founder, developer and designer Gerd Mattheiss presented his exceptionally luxurious product 24 carat gold plated fur jacket for the first time at the Paris Fashion Week in 2013. Since then, customers from around the world are thrilled with our impressive products. Allow yourselves to also be inspired by our products 24 carat gold plated fur fashion, 24 carat edible GOLD SUGAR cubes, 24 carat gold plated fur teddy bear and NOBLINE Gold and Acrylic glass.
We constantly have a small assortment of stock, but produce most of the products individually for our customers. Please send us your request by e-mail, or call us directly