NOBLINE Gold and Acrylic glass

Acrylic glass – in a completely new light: Intoxicating effects through extravagant inlays and artistic colour combinations.

Whether luxurious, mystical, refined, graceful or spectacular – through the interplay of the finest acrylic glass and exclusive, selected materials, designs are created of unprecedented appearance, depth and “magic”. The highlight for the senses is achieved through unique nanoparticles in the acrylic glass. In the presence of light and LED technology, this extraordinary material composition makes it possible to achieve intensely radiant effects and thereby create the perfect setting for shine & shimmer, light & shade, colours & shapes. Curtain up – let yourself be transported away into the incomparable design worlds of »acrylic glass by NOBLINE of Switzerland«.

Success – a question of the right combination

Where skill and imagination meet, curiosity arouses creativity, innovation provides opportunities – together we break new ground, dare to create surprising settings, repeatingly causing the observer to marvel at our creations – that is our unifying mission.

Together with our partner we have created something particularly extravagant and luxurious, bringing together exclusive designs consisting of the finest ingredients for our clients. Through our Europe-wide cooperation with technical and scientific faculties, we are able to fully exploit the positive properties of acrylic glass of the highest quality and continually expand its applications.

Create new design worlds together with us

In terms of product development we are always one step ahead of the times. Highest quality acrylic glass.

  • Modified with special nanoparticles for the extremely efficient scattering and reflection of light
  • “Cross-linked” polymers for higher resistance to scratching and many chemicals compared to conventional PMMA
  • 30-year guarantee on UV resistance / weathering
  • 100-year guarantee based on very high molecular density against polymer degradation

Numerous well-known clients have already carried out spectacular projects with us and been able to create striking presentations of their company with unusual special productions. Why not take advantage of the potential we have to offer? We look forward to receiving your ideas and your challenges.