Gild Your Moment

24-Carat Gold Sugar in a set of 3

For connoisseurs on the lookout for the extravagant: Give yourself an exclusive present with 24 karat Gold Sugar. Three pieces for three sparkling moments.

GOLD SUGAR box Set of 9

Gild Your Moment

24-Carat Gold Sugar in a set of 9

GOLD SUGAR box set of 20

More Luxury for Your Customers

24-Carat Gold Sugar in a set of 20

Glittering experiences perfect for business: Spoil your customers with 24 karat Gold Sugar. Twenty pieces — each a filigreed masterpiece.

24 carat GOLD SUGAR – For those special moments!

It glitters gold in coffee, tea or champagne cocktails…

Welcome to GOLD SUGAR, the global innovation for those special moments!

GOLD SUGAR is the new, unique sugar cube covered in 24 carat gold. Thanks to our revolutionary patented process, we are able to cover every single microscopic surface of a sugar cube with gold. We make a simple sugar cube as beautiful, evocative and exclusive as it can be. It becomes a work of art – impress your friends and business partners!

Turn special moments into unforgettable golden ones!



Ever thought you had it all? GOLD SUGAR magically transforms even the smallest moments into extravagant experiences. Gild your tea, coffee or champagne with the exclusive sugar cube coated with pure 24 carat gold. The revolutionary patented process of its inventor, Gerd Mattheiss, allows the precious metal to be incorporated into the fine structure of the sugar. For the ultimate in beauty, luxury and lifestyle.

Surprise your guests with this elegant and unique product. Take them on a sweet journey of their own. Or simply treat yourself to a golden moment of your own.

24 carat GOLD SUGAR – the sign of appreciation, success and immortality

Whether at home, in your hotel, on your yacht or in your private jet, at parties, receptions or business dinners, GOLD SUGAR always creates a special moment and adds not only the desired sweetness to your beverages such as coffee, tea or cocktails, but also an especially high-class appearance. A classy expression of elegance, wealth and beauty…treat yourself and your guests to golden moments with an extraordinary, exclusive treat!

You can use GOLD SUGAR just like regular sugar cubes. The sugar sweetens your drink while the wafer-thin, real 24-carat gold particles add a wonderful, glittering and appealing finish. Set a new trend with GOLD SUGAR!

Of course, GOLD SUGAR meets international food guidelines, is tasteless and non-toxic.