24 carat gold plated fur fashion

The luxury brand NOBLINE establishes itself worldwide as a high premium service provider in the field of surface finishing.

With our special procedure, we have been producing the following types of furs in 24 carat gold since 2012. Mink, Sable, Swakara, Persian and Chinchilla. The feel of the fur varies only slightly due to the finishing. Each year, we produce an average of 6-10 jackets or coats of gold fur. Every product is really quite unique. We always have 3-4 gold fur jackets usually in different sizes in stock and ready for delivery on demand for our clients. The cuts are light and modern. You can either order directly from us or from one of our partners. Upon request, our furrier can take the allowance for your gold fur, regardless of their location, worldwide. We use 24 carat gold for most orders, but all other types of precious metals are also possible (platinum, ruthenium, palladium). You can also order your own gold alloy and determine your own gold hue. You can thus personally set another sign of uniqueness.

For our gold fur collection, we process exclusively tested, high-quality skins from sustainably controlled breeding with the OA label. The OA label is divided into two areas: “Origin Assured Farmed Fur” for breeding furs and “Origin Assured Wild Fur” for furs from wild catch.

Origin Assured™, OA for short (of known origin), is the youngest voluntary transparency program of the fur industry, for the purpose of making responsibly produced fur products clear to consumers. With the 2008 commercially introduced Origin Assured label, the fur industry has further increased its transparency towards consumers. The new Origin Assured trademarks now inform buyers of quality furs and that the fur or fur product comes from a country where national or local regulations or standards for fur production are enforced.

Two different labels were created:

  • the “Origin Assured Farmed Fur”, which stands for breeding furs and
  • the “Origin Assured Wild Fur”, furs featured from wild catch.

The OA mark may only be affixed to clothing or accessories that are made from 100 percent OA skins. The Genevese independent investigation agency Cotecna monitors compliance with the standards and thus one of the world’s leading companies for trade inspection, trade security and trade certification. The OA program is a joint initiative of the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) with the auction houses American Legend Cooperative, Finnish Fur Sales, Copenhagen Fur and American Fur Auctions.

In addition to labels and tags, there are brochures for consumers for OA marked furs. Detailed information about the program, the participating countries and the standards can be found on the following website: www.originassured.com.