24-Carat Gold-Plated Fur Fashion

Elevating luxury worldwide: The Distinctive Realm of NOBLINE

Emerging as an unrivaled beacon of opulence, the illustrious luxury brand NOBLINE has made its prestigious mark on a global scale, commanding unparalleled recognition as a premier service provider in the realm of surface finishing.

Utilizing a unique and meticulous process, our mastery comes to life in the exquisite fusion of 24-karat gold with a curated selection of furs, a feat we’ve impeccably achieved since 2012. Mink, Sable, Swakara, Persian and Chinchilla – each specimen is transformed into a tapestry of opulence, while the distinctive touch of the fur remains subtly nuanced, a testament to our unwavering dedication to preserving its inherent elegance.

Each year, our artisans create a limited number of 6-10 gold fur jackets or coats, each a masterpiece of its own unique appeal. We proudly maintain a select range of 3-4 ready-to-ship gold fur jackets in various sizes, ready to satisfy the desires of our discerning clientele. Featuring contemporary cuts, these garments seamlessly blend sophistication and modernity, setting a new standard of sophistication.

Pioneering a bespoke approach, we offer the opportunity to purchase our creations directly or through our esteemed partners. The possibilities are endless – our furrier stands ready to create your gold fur jacket, regardless of your location, transcending geographical boundaries.

At NOBLINE, gold serves as our canvas of choice, but we welcome the artistry of all precious metals – platinum, ruthenium, palladium – each entwined in our mastery. The canvas of uniqueness extends even further; customize your gold tone to create a truly personal testament to sophistication and individuality.

Underpinning our Gold Fur collection is a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Exclusively partnering with meticulously controlled breeding centers bearing the esteemed OA label, our premium skins are the epitome of conscious luxury. With Origin Assured Farmed Fur and Origin Assured Wild Fur classifications, NOBLINE redefines luxury with a conscience.

Embrace the legacy of NOBLINE, where sophistication, elegance and conscience intertwine, forging a legacy that transcends fashion and resonates with the discerning connoisseur of opulence.

Origin Assuredâ„¢, or OA (of known origin), is the fur industry’s newest voluntary transparency program to help consumers identify responsibly produced fur products. With the commercial launch of the Origin Assured label in 2008, the fur industry has further increased its transparency to consumers. The new Origin Assured trademarks now inform shoppers about the quality of furs and that the fur or fur product comes from a country where national or local regulations or standards for fur production are enforced.

Two different labels have been created:

the Origin Assured Farmed Fur label for farmed fur, and
Origin Assured Wild Fur, for fur from wild animals.
The OA label may only be used on garments or accessories made from 100 percent OA fur. Compliance with the standards is monitored by Cotecna, one of the world’s leading companies in trade inspection, trade security and trade certification. The OA program is a joint initiative of the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) and the auction houses American Legend Cooperative, Finnish Fur Sales, Copenhagen Fur and American Fur Auctions.

In addition to labels and tags, consumer brochures are available for OA-labelled furs. Detailed information about the program, participating countries and standards can be found at www.originassured.com.