The very exclusive


With our unique refining process, we have been producing the following types of furs in 24 karat gold since 2012. Mink, Sable, Swakara, Persian and Chinchilla. The feel of the fur varies only slightly due to the finishing. Become our partner and produce unique fur creations for your customers in 24 karat gold. Either completely in gold fur or fur with gold applications.

Gold Sugar

It glitters gold in coffee, tee or champagne cocktails…welcome
to Gold Sugar, the global innovation for special moments!
Gold Sugar is the new, unique sugar cube covered in 24 carat gold. Thanks to our revolutionary patented process we are able to cover each innumerable microscopic surface of a sugar cube in gold. That is how we make a simple sugar cube as beautiful, evocative and exclusive as it can be. It becomes a high quality work of art – impress your friends and business partners!
Turn special moments into unforgettable golden moments!


Our GoldBear creations for youngens are produced in a highly limited edition of 100 pieces. If requested by order, we would love to produce plush toys in gold fur according to their wishes.


Acrylic glass – in a completely new light: Intoxicating effects through extravagant inlays and artistic colour combinations…